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Searching for a way to achieve a deadly and ferocious stare? make sure you check out the manson one day coloured contact lenses in White! Designed with a large white iris coloured effect matched with a black border design.


Please note this eye wear product has been created to enhance the appearance of your eyes.

Safety Precautions

•  Do not wear for longer than intended period.

•  Do not wear if they appear to be damaged. 

•  Do not share with anyone else.

•  Do not let hair spray, cosmetic aerosols or any cosmetics come into contact with them.

•  Do not participate in any water sports whilst wearing.

•  Always remove before sleeping.

• Put in before applying any make-up & take out before removing any make-up.

•  Remove immediately if your eyes get red or irritated, or if you have any discomfort or pain, and seek help from a     qualified eyecare practitioner.

You must not wear If you suffer from any of the following

•  Corneal dystrophies, Corneal ulcers, Inflammation of the cornea, e.g. keratitis, Inflammation of the eye, e.g. iritis, uveitis

•  Allergic eye conditions, any pre-existing eye condition

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