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Searching for a way to achieve a dead zombie look? Make sure you check out theses UV one day coloured contact lenses in white! These will glow white under UV light

Please note this eye wear product has been created to enhance the appearance of your eyes.

Safety Precautions

•  Do not wear for longer than intended period.

•  Do not wear if they appear to be damaged. 

•  Do not share with anyone else.

•  Do not let hair spray, cosmetic aerosols or any cosmetics come into contact with them.

•  Do not participate in any water sports whilst wearing.

•  Always remove before sleeping.

• Put in before applying any make-up & take out before removing any make-up.

•  Remove immediately if your eyes get red or irritated, or if you have any discomfort or pain, and seek help from a     qualified eyecare practitioner.

You must not wear If you suffer from any of the following

•  Corneal dystrophies, Corneal ulcers, Inflammation of the cornea, e.g. keratitis, Inflammation of the eye, e.g. iritis, uveitis

•  Allergic eye conditions, any pre-existing eye condition

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