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Pranks For Everything!

Pranks For Everything!

Pranks For Everything! A letterbox gift set.

Time to prank Mum and Dad? Or a housemate who needs teaching a lessons?

You might not end up as their favourite person, but the pranks and jokes would certainly raise a smile. Or perhaps you know someone who enjoys pranking others? This would be the perfect set to top up their supplies? We’re not here to judge!

The set includes:

  • Cookie Surprise.
  • Mouse in the House.
  • Doggy Long Stool.
  • Foaming Sugar.
  • Fishy Sweets.
  • Ice With Insect.
  • Broken Window.
  • Joke Lotto Tickets.

Hours of fun for some and agony for others! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

(Always read the instructions on the back of each prank packet.)

Our Price : £16.99
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