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Practical Jokes & Pranks

Our huge selection of practical jokes and pranks gives you an absolute arsenal of funnies to drop on your family, friends, work colleagues and school mates! From classic Stink Bombs and Hot Candy, to all time favourites like Bouncing Eggs and fake Lotto Scratch Cards and the most vile and downright disgusting pranks like realistic Dog Turds and the all-time stinkfest that is Liquid Ass Spray - USE WITH CAUTION!!!

Whatever you are looking for the Joke Shop is THE place to come to get the very best gags, gaffs, pranks and jokes... we are not called the Joke Shop for nothing!

Fun Snaps
Barfume Spray
Broken Window
Curry Poo
Dribble Cup
Fake Joint
Fart Whistle
Giant Cigar
Hot Tea Bag
Jumping Beans
Laugh Bag
Magic Candles
Play Money
Shit Spray
Shock Gag Pen
Silly String
Splat Eyeball
Squirt Camera
Squirt Flower
Squirt Ring
Sticky Creatures
From £1.15
Sticky Poo

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