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Fakes & Fakery

A good fake makes for a good gag and we have some of the best fakes on offer at prices that won't break the bank... talking of which check out our Fake Bank Notes! A bit of careful hand placement and these can make a great 'note burning' gag... "was that really a fifty he set fire to?" Or why not set an entire scene with some Crime Scene Tape, a bit of Fake Blood, some more scattered Banknotes a Fake Dagger to add the drama and it's as good as an Alfred Hitchcock set!

Take a look at the great selection of fakes and fakery here...

Eject A Putt
Fake Brick
Fake Joint
Giant Cigar
Makeup Spill
Play Money
Shit Spray
Shock Gag Pen
Snake Cone
Splat Eyeball
Sticky Poo
Wiggley Worms
Wobbly Pencil
Trick Dagger
Fake Mouse
Snake - Large

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