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Pranks for the Memories

Pranks for the Memories

Pranks for the Memories - Vintage Pranks and Jokes. A letterbox gift set.

The old ones ARE the best! Remind yourself of the days when a whoopee cushion provided you with hours of fun and laughs, how loud can it go and who can you surprise by hiding it behind a cushion?? Or get everyone talking you out of taking up smoking by puffing on a fake cigarette! All this and more can be yours with our "Pranks for the Memories" set.

The set includes:

  • Money snatcher.
  • Fake cigarettes.
  • Flies on the wall.
  • Sticky poo.
  • Parking ticket.
  • Itching powder.
  • Nail through finger.
  • Whoopee cushion.
  • Hot sweets.
  • Gelling joke.

(Always read the guidance on the back of each prank package.)

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